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What Should I Ask My Doctor After a Car Accident?


A car accident can be an incredibly jarring and frightening experience. While you may feel overwhelmed during the immediate aftermath, it is imperative you stay in control of your actions and prioritize seeing a doctor as soon as possible. Not only can seeking medical attention protect your health, but it can also play a key role in strengthening your personal injury case. Whether you are transported to the emergency room or are able to take yourself shortly afterwards, it is important you ask your doctor several questions about your injuries that will assist you with the claims process.

Be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. How severe are my injuries? – Ask your doctor about what your injuries are and what they mean to your overall health moving forward. The more you understand about your injury, the better equipped you will be to focus on your recovery and avoid activities which can aggravate your condition. Likewise, you will want to find out how long you will likely be in pain and what additional care you will need.
  2. What future health risks do I face? – Certain types of car accident injuries, such as orthopedic injuries or spinal cord damage, can cause permanent debilitation and cause a person to endure a lifetime of medical treatments. Ask your doctor if your injuries will likely have any long-term consequences and whether or not you should see another specialist or chiropractor to protect against permanent damage.
  3. How were my injuries caused? – While you are obviously in the emergency room due to injuries sustained in a car accident, which you should clearly communicate, it is important your doctor confirms this cause and provides their professional opinion regarding what exactly happened. Did your head hit the steering wheel? Were you cut by shards of glass? Having written answers to these issues can help to prevent insurance companies from asserting that your injuries were the result of another cause.
  4. Is it ok to return to work? – Most car accident victims require time away from work to recuperate and heal. Additionally, some injuries may remain dormant for days or even weeks following a crash, causing victims to feel worse after their accident. To avoid any issues securing time off, be sure to ask for a doctor recommendation regarding the length of time you need to spend away from work. This will also prove to be invaluable when seeking damages for lost wages and reduced earning potential.
  5. May I have copies of my medical records? – Insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits after car accidents often require extensive documentation. As such, it is important you ask your doctor for copies of all medical records regarding your treatment and recommended future care. While many doctors will freely provide you with everything you will need, if these records should not be given automatically, you may need to submit a formal request.

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