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Man’s best friend – the canine – is still an animal at heart, no matter how domesticated and tame they may be. When pet owners forget this basic truth, they can unfairly jeopardize the health of the people around them as they fail to properly control their dogs. Without warning, a dog can attack someone can cause severe bite injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered a dog bite, you cannot be afraid to seek compensation against the liable owner. It might be the only way for you to fully recover without having to dig into your own savings.

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Animal Attacks and Their Consequences

When a vicious or rabid dog attacks someone, the consequences can be dire. If the victim is elderly or quite young, they may be afflicted by the wounds for the rest of their lives.

A single dog bite injury can cause:

  • Lacerations
  • Nerve damage (paralysis)
  • Infection
  • Death

Dog bite cases stand out from most other personal injury claims in the way that the victim often reports intense psychological trauma afterwards. Just seeing a dog, especially one that is off a leash, can bring them terrible flashbacks to the attack. When you are seeking compensation for your pain and suffering, be sure to work with an attorney at Michael J. Doyle, Attorney at Law, who can help you also pursue nominal damages, or payment rewarded for emotional harm.

Proving Liability in Dog Bite Cases

Every dog has teeth, and yet they are not all going around biting people. The question then becomes, “What causes a dog to bite?” Many experts agree that if a dog is raised with care, it will be less likely to attack; on the other hand, neglected animals could be more prone to bite. Furthermore, a hound must not be allowed to harbor territorial instincts, or it could spring at innocent and welcome visitors.

Fault may only fall upon the victim if they had been:

  • Trespassing on the dog owner’s property
  • Committing a crime against the owner
  • Intentionally harassing or provoking the dog
  • Causing physical harm to the dog

No One-Bite Rule in New Mexico

Some states will let a dog and its owner off easy, so to speak, if the animal has never bitten anyone in the past and has never shown signs of aggression. In New Mexico, this rule does not exist; you may seek compensation against anyone for the behavior of their dog, regardless of its history. It is important that you do, as you could be looking at thousands in hospital and medicinal costs, as well as lost wages.

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