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Priest sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has been a significant problem for decades in the United States and throughout the rest of the world, causing physical, mental, and emotional harm to thousands of children. Clergy members use the respect and trust of the community to abuse and silence victims. However, priest abuse has received immense media attention whenever an arrest or large-scale scandal occurs.

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused by a priest or clergy member in New Mexico, Michael J. Doyle, Attorney at Law is committed to hold the liable parties accountable for their heinous actions and help abused victims recover their entitled compensation. With more than two decades of trial-tested experience, our Albuquerque personal injury lawyer can investigate your case, gather evidence, and create an effective and personalized legal strategy to maximize your award.

The Prevalence of Clergy Abuse

Priests and ministers are typically revered and admired by young members of their congregations. These church leaders constantly supervise and care for these younger congregants. The amount of time spent together can result in young children being “groomed” for abuse.

Furthermore, parents of these children also have a profound amount of trust and respect for these church leaders. They are either unaware of the abuse or choose not to believe the claims their children make.

Unfortunately, when families complain of priest abuse, the response of the church is to relocate the clergy member to another community—possibly to commit the same atrocities to other young members. In addition, the new church members are not aware of a priest’s past allegations.

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While this type of sex crime is a felony offense punishable by harsh penalties, these serious consequences do not address the long-term damage suffered by victims. The compensation we can help obtain can provide therapy and other forms of aid to help victims deal with the psychological impact of priest abuse.

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