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Serious workplace accidents can occur in virtually any work environment when safety protocols are ignored and employees are not trained properly. While construction accidents and retail store accidents may be towards the top of the list of hazardous job sites, office workers also face potentially dangerous situations, many of which are unique to their employment field. If you have suffered a work-related injury while working in a white collar office environment, Albuquerque Workers’ Compensation Attorney Michael J. Doyle and our team can come to your assistance.

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Injuries Unique to the Office

At nearly every place of employment, there are some common forms of hazards that can appear if negligence and a general lack of care for employees is allowed to build, such as fires or falling objects. Just as a construction crewmember is exposed to dangers unique to their field, like a defective crane or crumbling scaffolding, the office employee may be harmed by preventable hazards that might not be found in too many other occupation, or are caused by less-than-ordinary problems.

Injuries that afflict officer workers may include:

  1. Slip and fall: There seems to be a mindset in many offices that cleaning up spills or taking care of stray trip hazards is solely the responsibility of janitors. This welcomes debilitating slip and fall accidents and virtually every turn as managers overlook their duty to maintain a safe work environment.
  2. Back injury: The average office worker spends 8+ hours a day sitting in a cheap computer desk chair. Without encouraged stretching and mandatory breaks, back muscles can become painfully cramped to the point of debilitation, or spinal malformations could occur.
  3. Arthritis: Just as our backs need rest from sitting, our hands need rest from typing. Concerns of arthritis in office workers and typists have been prevalent since the 1990’s but little has been done by companies to correct this serious issue.
  4. Eye strain: Computer monitor technology has advanced greatly in recent years but the bright glare of a screen still has a negative impact on our eyes. If your shift consists of looking at a computer all day, you may be hurting the quality your vision.

Working Hard for Office Workers

If you have been injured in one way or another in your office building, you deserve strong and dedicated legal advocacy just like any other wrongfully harmed employee. Allow our Albuquerque workers’ compensation lawyer to take up your case and handle it from start to finish while you rest and recover. Worried about attorneys not taking your case seriously? We offer contingency fee agreements, meaning we will not accept payment unless we win you a settlement or workers’ compensation benefits. Not only does this keep us motivated to maximize how much you walk away with at the end, but it also keeps us honest.

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