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Work-Related Car Accidents

Helping Albuquerque Residents Recover from On-The-Job Motor Vehicle Accidents

Job sites are in no way guaranteed to be confined to a building, or even stationary. People all across the country need to travel as part of their job requirements, and they expose themselves to additional dangers in doing so. With thousands upon thousands of car accidents in the country every year, it is unfortunately only a matter of time until someone is in a traffic collision while on the clock.

Employees that need to travel as part of their job include:

  • Firefighters
  • Police officers
  • Package couriers
  • Food delivery carriers
  • Emergency paramedics
  • Onsite technicians

Have you suffered injuries after an accident while driving for work? Gain the support of a reputable New Mexico workers’ compensation lawyer by contacting us today!

The list could go on, though, as so many people need to drive as part of their job function. Even the person who needs to drive just down the street to pick up office supplies could be hurt behind the wheel. What can be done to take care of these hard workers who are injured in workplace driving accidents?

Work-Related Car Accidents: Who Is Responsible?

Michael J. Doyle, Attorney at Law, and our team of professionals are ready and willing to take on your case if you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident while just doing your job. It all starts with a free case evaluation with our Albuquerque workers’ compensation lawyer.

During this complimentary session, you can explain to us your job’s expectations and why you were sent out on the road in the first place. If you do not seem to be responsible for the car accident, your employer should be taking care of you while you recover. If they are not, we need to take legal action against them, and possibly the negligent driver.

What Damages Are Available for Work-Related Car Accidents?

When we are on your side, our goal will be to win you workers’ compensation benefits that:

  • Help you pay for medical bills.
  • Ensure your earning capacity is not reduced due to the accident.
  • Allow you to keep your position in the company.
  • Continue your regular wages as you recuperate.

Contingency Fees to the Rescue

Quite often, we hear from clients who are afraid that they need legal representation but simply cannot afford it. While this might be a legitimate concern at other law firms, we are proud to say that we use contingency fees to lighten the burden on the people who need help the most. What is a contingency fee, though?

Put simply, we do not ask you for any payments upfront, and we only ask for a payment after we win you a settlement. That’s right – if we do not win your case, we do not get paid. Furthermore, we only accept a percentage of your winnings, so you never have to worry about paying us more than you are given – nothing comes out of your own pocket!

Whether you have been involved in an accident while driving a personal vehicle for work, or while driving a company car, you have nothing to lose! Gain the support of a reputable New Mexico workers’ compensation attorney by contacting us today!

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Michael J. Doyle, Attorney At Law Michael J. Doyle, Attorney At Law
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