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3 Signs Your Insurance Company Is Acting in Bad Faith: And What You Can Do About It

3 Signs Your Insurance Company Is Acting in Bad Faith: And What You Can Do About It

Many people know insurance companies don’t always have your best interests at heart, but not all of these companies act in bad faith. Acting in bad faith includes protecting their profits rather than protecting their clients, which is illegal. Insurance companies are obligated to act in good faith because people pay premiums every month in the expectation the company will have their backs in the event of an accident. Some signs your insurance company might be acting in bad faith include the following.

Sign 1: Denying Your Claim Without Cause

The most common way insurance companies avoid paying is by denying claims out of hand. While the company does have a right to reject paying a claim, they must have a reason to do so. It’s possible your request was denied because of an improper investigation, meaning your provider was unable to make a fair decision. However, they should be giving you a reason for the denial.

Sign 2: Being Bad Communicators

Bad faith insurance companies will give you the runaround in order to get you to drop the claim. All insurance companies should be following up on your claim and trying to get in touch with you. Lack of communication is a bad sign.

Sign 3: Delaying Payment on a Valid Claim

Delays are a prevalent tactic used by bad faith companies. There should little to no reason for delaying a settlement; however, the company will be hoping you either give up on the claim or accept a lowball offer. Bad faith companies use this tactic on victims who might be in dire need of money and who are willing to take anything.

If you think you’re dealing with a bad faith insurance company, let our skilled Albuquerque personal injury attorney help. Speaking to an experienced lawyer is the best way to resolve the situation with a bad faith insurance company. Attorney Michael Doyle will be on your side every step of the way and will focus on the legal battle while you recover.

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