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Common Spring Driving Hazards (& How to Stay Safe)

Common Spring Driving Hazards (& How to Stay Safe)

Spring is a beautiful season that is full of warmth, sunshine, and fresh air. However, despite the season’s beauty, there are unique driving hazards associated with the season. In this article, we will discuss the specific springtime driving dangers as well as some helpful safety tips.


During this season, more pollen and dust may be in the air, which can cause drivers to suffer from allergy symptoms. To combat itchy eyes, an irritated nose, or other inconvenient symptoms, drivers may take allergy medication that causes drowsiness.

Spring driving safety tip #1: Address any allergy symptoms you may have. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms, you should take steps to alleviate your symptoms. You don’t want your symptoms to distract or inhibit you. However, it is also important that you assess the impact of any medication on your ability to drive. If you have allergies, you can also address them by ensuring your car filters are changed regularly, your vehicle’s interior and exterior are cleaned, and your windows remain closed by driving.

Spring driving safety tip #2: Don’t drive drowsy. While trying to drive while having a sneezing fit can be hazardous, it is also dangerous to drive if you’re tired.

Dangerous Weather Conditions

The weather can play a role in causing accidents; rainstorms and dust storms can negatively impact a driver’s ability to see and/or control their vehicle.

Spring driving safety tip 3: Drive cautiously in bad weather (or pullover). Before you drive, you should check the weather so that you can be properly prepared. If you experience bad weather when driving, you should slow down and leave even more space between the vehicle in front of you. In particularly bad cases, you should consider pulling over to a safe location and waiting out the storm.

More Animal Activity

Collisions with wildlife can lead to serious injury for the driver as well as the animal. In the springtime, you may notice even more animal activity while driving.

Spring driving safety tip #4: Lookout for wildlife. As you drive this spring, look out for deer crossing signs, neighborhood pets, and wildlife. When necessary and safe, drive with your high beams on to increase your visibility.

More Pedestrians & Cyclists Outside

Because it is so beautiful outside, more pedestrians and bike riders will be outside. Drivers (as well as pedestrians and cyclists) should exercise more caution and be aware of their surroundings while driving.

Spring driving safety tip #5: Be more cautious, especially in residential areas or high traffic areas. Drivers should obey the speed limit, pay attention to road signage and traffic signals, and look out for those you may be sharing the road with. In

Spring driving safety tip #5: Eliminate distractions. Texting, applying makeup, grooming, messing with your radio dials, or eating while you drive can be extremely dangerous. When you drive, focus on that task and let messages and other activities wait.


Potholes often appear more frequently in the springtime. If you hit a pothole, you may lose control of your vehicle or have a tire blowout that leads to vehicle damage and/or a dangerous collision.

Spring driving safety tip #7: Avoid driving through potholes or puddles. If you can, you should avoid driving through puddles and potholes or over debris. You don’t want to damage your tires, rims, suspension system, or vehicle alignment.

Sun Glare

Sun glare is a common cause of accidents during the spring. Sunlight can affect how well you can see while you’re driving, especially during the sunrise or sunset.

Spring driving safety tip #8: Invest in some sunglasses. You need to see to drive, and sometimes, your visor may not be enough to help you see well when the sun is beaming. A good pair of sunglasses or a hat can be extremely valuable when it comes to protecting your eyes and your safety.

Spring driving safety tips #9: Stay up to date on vehicle maintenance. To help with your visibility while driving, you should also keep your windshield clean, and you should regularly inspect your vehicle to ensure it is working at maximum efficiency.

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