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The Cost of Convenience Packs on Workers' Comp

The Cost of Convenience Packs on Workers' Comp

Are you receiving medications under your workers’ compensation claim in convenience packs, or co-packs? If so, chances are good that you are being overcharged without even knowing it.

For those who are unaware, convenience packs are bundles of different medications and medical supplies that come packaged together in one convenient box to help ensure injured and ill patients receive the proper doses of medicine on a regular schedule. While this sounds like an excellent idea on the surface, baffling price hikes in co-packs have caused many people to take notice. Despite their supposed “convenience,” these packs have been known to cost substantially more than what the included medicine would normally cost on their own – in many cases, more than three times as much.

For example, a single tube of Voltaren® Gel, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, costs $60 on its own. When packaged with antibacterial wipes, however, the list price skyrockets to about nine times as much at $500. It is safe to assume that you have never come across a pack of antibacterial wipes that is worth $440.

Whether it be combining topical ointments with oral agents or antibiotics with pain medications, these packs price gouge the consumer and charge obscene fees without adding any real value. This can be devastating for individuals who are only awarded a finite amount of money for their workers’ compensation claim, as it in essence allows pharmaceutical companies to claim a large chunk of a person’s settlement in exchange for co-packs that they do not even need. For example, if you were awarded a maximum of $1,000 in workers’ compensation per month, but your medication now costs $600 simply because it becomes packaged with antiseptic wipes, you just lost more than half of your benefits for the sake of “convenience.”

If the cost of your medication seems suspiciously high, contact Michael J. Doyle Attorney at Law. Having fought to protect the rights of injured workers for more than a decade, our Albuquerque workers’ compensation attorneys can review the charges on your benefit statements and seek compensation where appropriate.

Do not let a convenience pack sap your benefits! Call (505) 219-2176 today to discuss your situation with a skilled legal professional.


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