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How a Brain Injury Impacts a Child


Young children are naturally reckless and curious of their surroundings. Their instincts can work against them, putting them in serious danger if they are not supervised properly. When matters take a turn for the worst, a child may even suffer a serious brain injury after an accident.

Children may suffer brain injuries due to:

While it is true that the consequences of a brain injury are devastating to anyone who suffers one, it is also true that children can experience unique consequences in the form of stunted mental development. A child who is still at a young age may find it difficult to learn new concepts, struggle in school, and find it impossible to make new friends due to uncontrolled emotional mood swings. If the child’s brain injury is severe, they may even require special education, perhaps conducted at home, and specialized psychiatric treatment for the rest of their lives. Once damage has been done to a child’s brain, there is little that can be done to treat or reverse it, and so prevention of child brain injuries in the first place is crucial.

How to Prevent Child Brain Injuries

Parents understandably want to let their children run free, play, and learn to their full abilities – they are important parts of growing up, after all. But there must always be an element of caution and supervision when around children. They do not have protective instincts yet and rely on us for care.

You should teach your children from a young age about how to avoid serious danger, such as never wandering too far away from an adult or never playing with toys that were not given to them by you. You will also want to teach them how to react if someone is hurt, such as who they should seek for help. Of course, you must also always have them wear a properly fitted helmet when riding their bicycle or playing a sport.

Sometimes all the caution in the world cannot prevent a dangerous accident or incident. If your child has suffered a brain injury and you believe someone else’s negligence may be to blame, contact Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney Michael J. Doyle. With more than 15 years of legal and trial experience, our firm may be able to secure you a maximized settlement or verdict. Call 505.219.2176 to find out.