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What is Maximum Medical Improvement?


Whether you have been involved in a personal injury or workers’ compensation case, reaching Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is important in regard to the injured individual recovering reasonable compensation from the at-fault party or from the insurance provider. MMI is defined as “a condition or state that is well stabilized and unlikely to change significantly in the next year, with or without medical treatment.

When a physician determines that a patient’s MMI has been obtained, it means that the victim’s physical state cannot be improved or decreased, and that change in either direction will likely not happen. Simply put, this is the best the patient is going to get.

The Importance of Reaching MMI Status

MMI is critical regarding benefit or compensation negotiations for a patient’s accident case with insurance adjusters. Due to reaching MMI status, it is then known what the long-term effects of the accident are in order for a fair value of the case can be determined.

MMI can better indicate pain and suffering, lost earnings, and overall medical costs – all of which will help calculate future damages of the injury. Prior to reaching MMI, a settlement would be difficult to figure out, as there is still the potential for more treatment to arise – thus creating more potential costs.

After the date of MMI has been determined, insurance companies can sometimes cease providing benefits to the injured party. Before or after the MMI determination, insurance providers can attempt to settle the claim or case by offering to pay the plaintiff a specific amount in exchange for a “release.” But by signing a release, however, the injured party gives up their right to bring any further claim against the insurance company’s policy holder or the at-fault party.

In conclusion, when it comes to settlement negotiations, it is wise to make final negotiations after reaching MMI status or full recovery.

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