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How to Avoid Truck Drivers' Blind Spots


Large semi-trucks are a common sight on many roads, but many auto drivers may not realize how dangerous these trucks are. Large commercial trucks can weigh far more than your typical car, and are much larger, making it a challenge for truck drivers to navigate through traffic safely. If you find yourself sharing the road with trucks, you should be aware of the hazards they pose, as well as how you can avoid becoming involved in an accident with one.

Because of their massive size, trucks offer a limited field of view for drivers. The blind spots caused by the height of the truck, the trailer, and the sheer size of the vehicle can be quite large, and unaware auto drivers can simply disappear into one. Steering clear of trucks’ blind spots can prevent accidents and can even save lives.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates that approximately 4,000 people are killed each year in trucking accidents, and many more are seriously injured. Knowing how to drive when sharing the road with a truck may help you avoid becoming involved in a deadly accident.

The Blind Spots of a Semi-Truck

Unlike your car, the blind spots of a truck are large enough to completely hide multiple vehicles in. Trucks have four blind spots:

  • Directly in front: This blind spot is caused by the hood of the truck, which prevents drivers from seeing vehicles directly in front of them for quite a few feet.
  • Behind the trailer: The body of the trailer can block the driver’s view of anything directly behind it, unless you are far enough back to be seen in the mirrors.
  • Left and right sides: The area next to the trailer has a blind spot that extends back and outward across several lanes of traffic. The right blind spot is larger than the left one.

Avoiding Truck Blind Spots

Now that you know where the driver will have difficulty seeing you, you should know how you can avoid these locations while driving and minimize your risk. Here are some tips to help you stay safe around large trucks:

  • Never cut a truck off. The blind spot directly in front of a truck means that you will disappear if you drive too close in front of a truck. When merging, try to allow enough space between you and the truck so that you can see both headlights on the truck in your rearview mirror.
  • Avoid following a truck closely. You should never tailgate another vehicle, but if you are following a truck too closely, the driver may have no idea you’re there. In addition to the driver not noticing you, you will have an extremely limited view of the road ahead and will not have time to react appropriately to hazards.
  • Never pass on the right side. Passing a truck on the right side is not only unexpected, but very dangerous. The blind spot on the right side is much larger, due to the driver’s seat in the cab. This means that you will spend far more time out of view when you try to pass on the right.
  • Don’t linger while passing a truck. Because trucks are often limited to slower speeds than cars, it can be common to overtake them and need to pass. When passing a truck, it is highly likely you will pass through a blind spot. This is why it is important to pass quickly and spend the least possible amount of time in the blind spot.
  • Avoid being next to a truck that is turning right. Trucks require a wider space to turn, and will often begin a right turn from much further to the left than a car would. If a truck is signaling a right turn but is not in the right lane, do not pull up along the right side. It is likely that you will be in the way when they turn, and they may not see your car until it too late.
  • Be patient. Truck drivers need to be alert and careful when driving, which means they may make movements less quickly than a car would. Allow extra space and time to let the driver complete a maneuver safely. It may even save your life.

Driving can be dangerous enough, but with proper care and attention, you can avoid dangerous—or even fatal—accidents. Try to pay attention to the blind spots of trucks you encounter while driving and take extra care to follow the above tips.

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