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How Social Media Can Negatively Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Claim


Oversharing on social media is second nature to many of us. While this is harmless in many areas of our lives, this can be incredibly damaging to your workers’ compensation case after a workplace injury. Following a workplace injury, employees do not have to prove fault when it comes to obtaining the benefits they are entitled to. This lulls many into a false sense of security, causing them to lower their defenses and potentially implicate themselves online. Though you are confident in your ability to control how your social media will impact your case, it can quickly spiral out of hand and leave you without the compensation you deserve.

Unfortunately, even the most innocent social media posts and accounts are being taken out of context and used in court. A photo or status update shared to your closest friends and family is not considered private the moment it hits the Internet, which means the opposition can demand it be used as evidence against your claim. For example, a meaningless and inoffensive post which shows you enjoying a day at the park with your family may be misconstrued as proof of fraud. Your employer may claim that your disability or injury is being exaggerated as evidenced by the photo. The best practice to avoid this type of disturbance is to pause all social media activity until your case is completely resolved.

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