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Can I Collect Workers’ Compensation and File a Lawsuit?
Can I Collect Workers’ Compensation and File a Lawsuit?

Workers’ compensation systems are in place to provide hurt employees with the financial coverage that is needed to pay for injury-related expenses, such as medical bills and lost wages. To recover benefits through a state’s workers’ compensation system, an injury victim does ...

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Blog Posts in 2019

  • The Importance of Following a Doctor’s Orders After a Work Injury

    Although the majority of businesses are legally required to have workers’ compensation insurance, their insurance providers are not required to pay ...

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  • What If My Bicycle Accident Was Caused by Road Conditions?

    Sadly, bicyclists are the least respected individuals on the road. Drivers, pedestrians, and motorists all tend to discount people on bikes as an ...

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  • Why You Shouldn’t Leave Whiplash Untreated

    Countless Americans have experienced the symptoms of whiplash following an accident or injury caused by a neck sprain, typically after the head is ...

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  • How Social Media Can Negatively Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

    Oversharing on social media is second nature to many of us. While this is harmless in many areas of our lives, this can be incredibly damaging to your ...

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  • Who Can Be Sued for Medical Malpractice?

    When a patient suffers from medical malpractice, their natural reaction is to assign blame to their medical doctor without realizing there may be more ...

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  • Why Was My Workers’ Comp Claim Denied?

    If you were injured while performing work duties in New Mexico, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits while you make the best possible ...

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  • 6 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

    If you drive a vehicle, you are bound to be involved in a car accident at some point in your life. According to the car insurance industry, a person ...

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  • New Mexico Has Highest Pedestrian Deaths Per 100,000 Population

    A new study on pedestrian deaths is going around, and it contains some disturbing news for residents of the land of enchantment. According to the ...

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  • How Do Unions Affect Workers’ Compensation?

    Organized labor unions have existed in the United States for over a century. Created to protect workers’ rights and generally make the lives of ...

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