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Mileage Reimbursement in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Mileage Reimbursement in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Through the workers’ compensation system, the victims of an on-the-job injury can receive benefits that cover the costs that resulted from the accident. Many workers are under the impression that this just includes medical expenses and lost wages. But in many cases, workers can recover all of the expenses they incurred as a result of their injuries, including travel costs.

Injury-Related Travel Costs

Work injuries are expensive to treat, and require a time commitment too. Patients need to get to and from their doctor’s appointments, which add expenses that are a direct result of the injuries. Travel costs are just as relevant to a work injury as medical bills, and may include the cost of gas, public transportation tickets, rideshare services, and more.

In more severe injury cases, a patient may need to travel far to visit a medical specialist. These claims may involve additional expenses, such as flights and the cost of a hotel stay.

What Travel Benefits are Provided by the New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration?

The workers’ compensation board in most states is aware of the added costs of traveling to and from medical appointments and allows for the reimbursement of those costs in their laws. The terms of every workers’ compensation law are different, so an employee in one state may not be entitled to the same benefits as an employee in another state.

In New Mexico, the workers’ compensation system permits coverage for most travel expenses. However, there are thresholds for the allowances, so benefits are only given within certain parameters.

Through the workers’ compensations system of New Mexico, an injury victim can receive reimbursement for:

  • Gas (if a patient has to drive more than 15 miles to see a doctor)
  • Meals eaten during travels (up to $30 in a day, three meals a day, with up to $15 allowed for one meal)
  • Plane, bus, or train tickets
  • Lodging costs over $85

Building a Case for Mileage Reimbursement

To receive coverage for your injury-related travel costs, you will need to provide evidence of the expenses. You should save everything that shows where you traveled to treat your injuries, and how much it costs to travel.

When you are pursuing a workers’ compensation claim, it is important to remember that you are entitled to coverage for more than your medical bills and lost wages. To learn the full scope of benefits you can receive, contact Michael J. Doyle, Attorney At Law. Our lawyer is knowledgeable in every aspect of workers’ compensation law and can help you with your claim.

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