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On the Job Injuries: 5 Things You Need to Do

Have you suffered an injury in a workplace accident? Many people are unaware what they should do in this type of situation. The following five tips from our Albuquerque workers’ comp lawyer can prepare you for a worst-case scenario and help you strengthen your workers’ compensation claim should you be injured on the job.

Step 1: Seek Medical Attention

If you should ever suffer a work-related injury, your first priority should be to get medical attention as soon as possible. If you require emergency care, head to the closest emergency room or call for an ambulance. If your injuries are not serious, consult with your employer. Your company may direct you to a doctor affiliated with their workers’ compensation insurance.

If you do not see a doctor promptly, it can be much harder to prove that your injuries occurred in relation to your occupation. This can potentially be used as a reason to deny your claim, so don’t put off getting treatment for any reason.

Step 2: Inform Your Employer

Once you have received treatment for your injuries, it is important that you inform your employer in writing about your injury within fifteen (15) days. This is done by submitting an official Notice of Accident form that details what, when, and how your injuries occurred. Adhering to this time period is crucial, as you can lose your right to collect workers’ compensation benefits if you do not file in time.

Step 3: Keep Detailed Records

Now that your employer knows about your injuries and you have been treated, it is vital that you compile any and all important information related to your accident. This can be used later on to prove exactly what happened, who helped you, and what your expenses are so you can be properly compensated.

Collect the following:

  • Medical bills and receipts
  • Eyewitness testimonies
  • Names of anyone who provided medical care
  • Any correspondence regarding your case
  • Dates of doctor appointments and missed work
  • Notes on any related phone conversations or emails

Keeping check stubs will also be important in the event that your claim is approved. In addition to paying for medical treatments, workers’ compensation payment will reimburse you for any lost wages that your injury may cause. It is crucial that you are able to provide an accurate reference of what you were making prior to your injuries.

Step 4: Attend Medical Checkups

If your claim is approved, you will need to attend any medical appointments as instructed to continue to receive your benefits. Your doctor will monitor your healing progress and submit updates to your claims representative. You must faithfully adhere to your doctor’s orders, take all medication as prescribed, and be truthful in your claims for care. When you are well, you will be given a clean bill of health to return to work and your benefits will cease.

Step 5: Contact Michael J. Doyle, Attorney At Law

If you should encounter a dispute with your workers’ compensation claim, it is imperative that you retain the services of a powerful Albuquerque workers’ compensation lawyer such as Michael J. Doyle, Attorney at Law. Backed by well over a decade of experience, our firm can provide zealous advocacy to maximize your chances of securing the compensation you deserve. We understand the complexity of your situation, and we are prepared to do everything in our power to help you get through this difficult time.

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